Access Body Process Sessions

                                                                                                 Access BodyACCESS BODY PROCESS SESSIONS

Choose this if …

You have any minor aches or chronic pain, or have had long term  pain anywhere in your body.

Or, if you are curious and  you just want to experience just how potent these process are and what they can shift & change.

There is so much that this possible with Access Body®. Too much to list, so here are just a few things but in no way is it limited to what’s here. You name it, Access® will pretty much have a  Body® process to go with it!

  • unlock judgements
  • unlocks abuse
  • pain
  • and so much more

These processes  address and can change many things occurring in the body by shifting & releasing the stuck energy of what’s creating the pain. Also teaches the body to ‘receive’.

Wondering what will happen during a session?

These process are  run “hands on” the body and usually run lying down on a massage table whilst you remain fully clothed at all times. You can also be sitting in a chair, though ultimate comfort and relaxation is received whilst laying down.

A session will last anywhere from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes, though your body will be the indicator of time.

You will be totally relaxed and possibly be ‘snoozing’ during the session, which means you are in total receiving of the energies. Enjoy!

Private Sessions

  • 1 x $150
  • 3 x $350 paid in advance save $100
  • 5 x $550 paid in advance save $200
  • 6th session free
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