Access Body®


Access body showing pic of hand positions  Access body showing pic of hand positionsAccess Body showing pic of hand positions

Access Body sessions are available in Longwarry, West Gippsland. Just twenty minutes from Pakenham or fifteen minutes from Warragul.

Access Body Processes invite you to the receiving of energies that are already available through and within our bodies.

These processes are highly energetic that will facilitate, change and start to heal your body.

These energies are an invitation for more ease, nurturing and caring, gentleness, potency and more fun with your body.

There are many different Access Body® processes that can create a dynamic change and result within our bodies.

Whilst remaining fully clothed, if you and your body are ready and open to receive the energy,  let go of any pre conceived judgement, wiling to have communion with the body and let go of your programmed belief systems, these dynamic, energetic body processes can assist with providing benefits of;

  •  unlocking the body of stuck and stagnant energy
  • create greater ease
  • start to eliminate pain / intensity in the body
  • create more freedom of mobility  
  • ease with movement
  • quality sleep
  • a feeling of lightness
  • just to name a few and so much more 

Call 0417 594 997 to book your session/s