Reiki Seichem

REIKI | Calming, Nurturing, Relaxing, Healing. Why not take time out for yourself and treat your body and soul  and come experience all of this and more when receiving these energies during a session.

REIKI | Calming Nurturing Relaxing Healing Blissful Journey Longwarry


REIKI (pronounced ray – key) is derived from two Japanese words “rei,” meaning “Universal Spirit,” and “ki.” meaning “life force energy”.

SEICHEM (pronounced say-shim) means “the sacred might or power” and is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt and was associated with the Goddess Sekhmet.

Seichem works in the same way; with hands placed on the body, but in addition hands may be working in the aura which surrounds the body. It is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt.

Reiki is one of the four elemental rays which make up Seichem – earth (Reiki), air, fire, water.

Seichem was rediscovered in 1980 by Patrick Zeigler while he was visiting Egypt and after spending the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

Seichem connects with our higher selves to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy is used to heal and stimulate personal development and growth. REIKI | Calming Nurturing Relaxing Healing Blissful Journey Longwarry


Reiki-Seichem can help with harmony and balance, reduction of stress, easing of pain and overcoming fears. Helps clear emotional issues, brings about, magnifies and increasessense of well-being. Improves intuition, creativity, memory and learning as well as renewed vitality.
Reiki-Seichem can be used to overcome emotional, physical or spiritual worry/difficulty and is safe to use; on babies up to the elderly, plants and animals.

It can be an effective form of healing therapy for a large range of dis-orders. Stress-related , such as headache and insomnia.
Emotional issues, such as low immunity,  depression & chronic pain.

The benefits of Reiki Seichem are endless. If you are  healthy, Reiki Seichem energy assists to help you stay clear and balanced.  Have been diagnosed with a dis-ease, received an injury, or fallen under any other sources of stress or illness? Reiki Seichem assists the natural healing process and works in conjunction with traditional medicine. Not only does it speed up the physical healing process, it is also energy for the soul/spirit. When the soul/spirit is energised, the body then responds positively in all other areas ( mentally, physically and emotionally).

  REIKI | Calming Nurturing| Relaxing Healing Blissful Journey Longwarry